About Ava

Meet New York City's Top Exotic Escort. You've found a deliciously sexy woman with absolute elegance and a contagious zest for life.

The gentleman that you are can expect to become the center of my attention when we are together. As New York City’s Top Exotic Escort, a lady who is quite discerning, discovering that lure of attraction between the two of us is something that I look for. When we start with chemistry, getting to know one another over time will only deepen the magnetism leading to romantically explosive interludes. I appeal to the man who longs for a sensual adventure, whether it is an intriguing conversation that flirts with our minds, a venturous weekend getaway or an intoxicating evening over dinner and some erotic dessert.

I think you will really love the way I look.

My lean, curvy figure has health and fitness written all over it. As if that weren’t enough, I am a perfect blend of African American and Filipina. New York City’s Top Exotic Escort with the best of both worlds perfectly blended to create such exotic beauty. Forever refreshingly scented with glowing silky skin and a pearly-white smile that kills and sparkly Green eyes. Style becomes me and I am always impeccably dressed for any occasion. I like to show off my long legs in super high heels and my lean waist in fitted dresses. Then again, I feel right at home in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a dash of understated sophistication.

I just might be that once-in-a-lifetime woman about to pop into your world.

But I am only for the well-heeled gentleman with a penchant for laughter and good times. Before we team up for some fun, why not get to know me a bit more? Then, reach out and share some details about yourself. Intrigue me. Put a smile on my face. I am sure to respond in your favor. Come find out why I am New York City’s Top Exotic Escort.