The refined gentleman is always respectful and courteous to everyone whether it is his companion, friend or colleague.

Practicing good etiquette means conducting ourselves with utmost behavior. We both know that money cannot buy manners or integrity. That being said, here are some of the virtues that are most important to me.


My secure booking form is the ideal way to reach me. After the screening process is complete, text and email is reserved for arranging details of our engagements, weekend excursions and extended getaways. Texting is only acceptable for things such as touching base prior to our meeting or directions to our engagement.


You and I will always have the freedom of privacy to enjoy each other’s company, indulge in dining, traveling and simply having an awesome time together. But what happens between us stays between us, never to be shared with anyone else, as we create memories that will resonate until our next encounter.


I am very much a lady. Offensive language, drunken behavior and lewd conduct do not interest me and I will not partake. I have carefully crafted my website to provide you with a portal into my personality, a flavor for the woman behind the computer. Though I welcome discussion of where we might meet, go or dine at no time should services be discussed or questions asked.


My rates are not to be discussed or negotiated upon meeting or prior to meeting. Please present donation in an unsealed envelope in the open upon our private meeting before we begin. If we meet in a public place: Please make sure my donation is presented in a book for me to enjoy later or a thank you card.


Politeness and kindness are music to my ears and will get a gentleman everywhere! Because I so appreciate our time together, I will go to great lengths to prepare myself right down to every last detail. I am genuinely interested in you and how amazing I want to make you feel. Do you feel the same? When two people share this level of reverence, life becomes filled with romance and that is very sweet.


I will always go to great lengths to try to arrive on time. Though I know in this day and age how busy everyone is tardiness is not something that sits well with me. Please plan ahead to wrap up that meeting leaving plenty of travel time to reach our destination. I would hate for our date to be compromised because you are running late. Naturally, email or text to give notice of your lateness.

Health and Hygiene

The luscious scent of my skin, freshness of my breath, well-manicured toes and immaculate presence will be met by your impeccably good hygiene. Your tidy appearance, pleasant essence and minty breath will be well appreciated. If you’ve had an impossibly long day at the office and are unable to freshen up prior to arrival, I will be happy to wait while you shower and brush your teeth. Please do not arrive to our engagement smelling of smoke, garlic, excessive cologne or any other unpleasant odors that will adversely impact our encounter.


I would love to receive an endearing email from you as an account of our time together! Feel free to be as eloquent as you like, sparing the very intimate details. The naughty morsels are best left lingering in the corners of our minds to daydream about in between rendezvous.