The number one rule of a lady is to remain classy.

That is why I have assembled some commonly asked questions for the astute gentleman or the one who may be just getting his toes wet in the world of companionship.

Your photos look too good to be true. Is it really you?

Absolutely! My pictures are always current and are an accurate reflection of my likeness without the need for Photoshop. In fact, something tells me that you will be more than pleased as I’m told that I actually look better in person.

I’m a little nervous. What can I expect from you?

Think of that girlfriend you were crazy about years ago and how special she made you feel. You will immediately notice how affectionate I am when I welcome you with open arms and a big smile. There is a sense of ease about me, a familiarity that is contagious. Soon, we’ll be laughing, talking and touching, melting through shyness like it never was.

I’m very private. Is verification really necessary?

Without question. As a prudent person, my well-being comes first and foremost. If privacy is crucial for you, then I have no problem signing a non-disclosure agreement. Plus, screening ensures that there will be no doubts about our integrity, practically guaranteeing a relaxed and fabulous evening together.

How do you feel about receiving gifts?

Oh, you shouldn’t have! But you did and I am ever so grateful. Honestly, I never expect gifts but would be honored if you were so inclined because it is an expression of your affection.

What is your idea of discretion?

Just like you, I have an established private life, friends and family.  Privacy is paramount for both of us and nothing will never jeopardize our boundaries. Beyond the screening process, I will not retain your personal information. Should our paths ever cross in public, our eyes will not meet nor your presence acknowledged.

Why do you not show your face?

The epitome of discretion means that I must conceal my identity. It is nobody’s business what we do in private or which venues we choose to frequent in public. Shrouding my face guarantees that I will not be recognized. However, I promise that you will find my facial features stunningly beautiful with flawless skin, a dazzling smile, high cheekbones and seductive green eyes.

What is your ethnicity?

I am a striking blend of African-American and Filipina. With a sunny disposition and natural femininity, my exotic looks will wow you while my finesse will charm you.