Pre-book Packages

Pre-book and Pay in Advance

For my lovely suitors who wish to pre-book and plan ahead during these times of self-reflection and rest. What is going on at the moment is inevitable and we could find the positives within it and create more last beautiful memories once we’re out of it.

Pre-book and pay in advance by April 1 to reserve a package to look forward to after quarantine is over with and the world settles down a bit.

Packages can be purchased by current suitors and no limits to your generosity during these unpredictable times.

New suitors will need to be screened before opting into a package.

Pre-book and pay in advance by April 1 to receive extra time for future dates

Duration Rate
Pre-book for 2 hours and receive an 1 hour $1,400
Pre-book for 3 hours and receive 1 Hour $1,800
Pre-book for 4 hours and receive 2 hours $2,300

Pre-book for 6 hours and receive 2 hours

Pre-book an Overnight and receive 24 hours $5,000
Pre-book a 72 hour date and receive 24 hours $12,000
*Dates 4 hours and above must include a meal and/or outing*

Want extended time or a custom arrangement? PLEASE INQUIRE HERE  

Fly Me To You

An overnight minimum does apply for fly me to you pre-book packages

East Coast (minimum overnight) | $3000

West Coast (minimum overnight) | $4000

Weekend Travel (48 to 72 hours) | $12,000

Prepaid plus first class roundtrip airfare to be provided during the booking and private transportation required to and from the booking. Please INQUIRE HERE


Please add +$700 to the current packages for consideration.

Booking Policy for Packages

All packages must be paid for in advance and during booking to receive the bonus time by April 1. New suitors will need to be screened, as normal. I do ask for meetings to be booked by June 30 of 2020. If you must cancel for a legitimate reason; I require at least 72 hours advance notice or a future date for reschedule upon reaching out. Regrettably, cancellations within 72 hours of our meeting will require a fee of 50% of the booking rate

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